“If music be the food of love, play on.”
-William Shakespeare

I love music. And in my blog, I love talking about “love”. As Shakespeare quote, you can’t seperate music from love. I agree it’s true.


Last week, me and my bro IK came up with yet another idea for a new song about KL- if you can remember our first song about KL was called “I Love You KL”. We feel that using music is a great promotional tool to promote our beloved KL around the globe. Check out the list below. Here are a few songs which I think you can put a tune to it. All promoting a city!

  • London Bridge – Fergie
  • Miami – Will Smith
  • Brooklyn (Go Hard) – Jay-Z
  • Chicago – Chicago
  • Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
  • New york-New york – Frank Sinatra
  • Stranger In Moscow – Michael Jackson
  • Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley
  • Antara Anyer dan Jakarta – Sheila Majid

How cool will it be if we can add KL to the list!

  • I love you KL – Razzi Rahman & Irfan Khairi
  • All for One Kuala Lumpur – Razzi Rahman & Irfan Khairi

No harm in dreaming right? 🙂

So, here’s a special treat from us. Our latest song. All for One Kuala Lumpur. Join me and IK for a drive around our beloved Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE  if you would like to keep an MP3 version for your laptop or your ipod. Hope you like it. And dont forget our first KL song, “I Love You KL”, You can download it here.

  • Tell us what you think! Bila lagi nak tengok Jutawan Internet jadi my driver! 😉

p.s : Interested to know the lyrics or just want to listen to the songs? Click below :-

Ikhlas dari,
Razzi Rahman & Irfan Khairi